Bath Bombs Whoopsie Daisy!

What are Whoopsies? Whoopsies are perfectly fine products that come with a little imperfections. The uglies that no one want to adopt, goes into the whoopsie box. Whoopsies may be items that couldn't retain its texture, broken/smashed in transit, shape, smell, packaging/labelling whoopsie, nearing its expiry or just a whoopsie because it didn't turn out as pretty as the others.

The items are full standard sized products half price off, just looking for a home. Go ahead and adopt one of them.

What you will find in the box? You can find up to 6 various sized bath bombs in half price. 

Small Box x6 Bath Bombs (May include sizes 100g to 500g)

Medium Box x10 Bath Bombs (May include sizes 100g to 500g)

Large Box x14 Bath Bombs (May include sizes 100g to 500g)

Valued at RRP over $70 - $170+

IMPORTANT: Please do not compare Whoopsies and Clearance items with our actual products - to differentiate you need to get both items and see the difference. 

Disclaimer: Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Patch test is required. 

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