Fall in love with these soy wax melts addicting scents! Made with premium wax infused with the best aromatic perfume oils. Relax as an opulent fragrance is gently diffused through your home with our long lasting and highly scented wax melts.

Fragrance: Assorted

Size: 6 x 80 g (480 g)

Includes: 6 x Wax Melts

If you love soy wax melts give these wax melts a go!

Ingredients: Soy Tart Wax, Fragrance, Colour Dye Block, Mica Glitter, Sprinkles. All our soy wax melts are made from golden wax containing soy-based additive and is fromaldehyde free.

How to use: Simply snap off one cube and place in your oil burner. The electric burners are great, they are very safe and don't have to worry about a flame.

Each cube will give a lovely strong fragrance throw around 20hrs+

One Clamshell of this wax melts will give you a total of 120+ hours of fragrance!

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